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Avoid wasting food 

Globally - and in the UK​ - it is estimated that one third of all food is wasted - and most of this is deemed to be avoidable.

When food is wasted all the land, water and energy used and the associated greenhouse gas emissions were for nothing.


We asked 100 people what is something people can do to avoid wasting food. Can you think of the top answers?

  • Plan meals, buy less/only what need (47%)

  • Use leftovers (11%)

  • Preserve/freeze items (10%)

  • Buy local/fresh/more often (8%)

  • Cook or order what you will eat (6%)

  • Expiry dates - pay attention to/ignore (6%)


Can you think how you could avoid the following foods becoming waste?

Potato skin

Soft/brown bananas

Leftover salad leaves

Chicken carcass

Stale/mouldy bread

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