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The Future of Energy

Age range:


12 year old/Year 8 - adult

best - 45-60 mins; flexible between 20 mins - 2.5 hours

This session is part presentation, part discussion and part hands-on. It covers the sources of energy, how energy is used, the problems associated with different energy sources and the options for meeting future energy needs.

“We are transitioning to a low-carbon energy society”

Variant – intro then small groups work:

Engineering Challenges for Low Carbon Energy

Age range:

16-18 year old/Year 12-13


best - 45-60 mins; flexible up to 2 hours

The Future of Waste

Age range:


11-15 year old/Year 7-10

best - 1 hour; flexible between 45 mins - 2 hours

Anchor - waste

In this participative session six themes are covered: 

  1. What is waste?

  2. Why does waste occur?

  3. What happens to waste?

  4. Reducing waste: why?

  5. Reducing waste: how?

  6. The future of waste?

“We must shift attitudes from 'waste is the norm' to 'everything has its use'”

Variant – talk and chaired debate:

Waste Management: The Bigger Picture

Age range:

14 year old/Year 10 - adult

This session centres around three core ideas:

  • The need to shift waste management effort and flows from disposal to prevention and re-use

  • We should focus on the LARGEST flows and MOST IMPORTANT materials

  • How we can move towards a zero waste society


best - 45-60 mins; minimum 20 mins

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