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Is human use of resources and impact on the environment tipping our planet over the edge or will everything be fine? 


Long story short: our current path is far from sustainable - we need to change our ways.


Sustainability Action 2021-2030

Age range:



5-45 mins

This short talk summarises why meaningful sustainability action is not only critically important but also urgent.

It shows that individuals can reduce their carbon footprint to a sustainable level if they have the will to do so.

A PDF of the slides including links to the sources used is given to the right.


Sustainability Issues & Quiz

14 year old/Year 10 - adult

Age range:

best - 45 mins; flexible between 25 mins - 1/2 day


In this session human impact on the environment will be explored along three themes:

1. What are we doing to the planet that is not sustainable?

2. What impacts will we see? How will they affect earth, humans and other species?

3. What solutions can we come up with?

The audience will play a quiz throughout the session to learn about each aspect of sustainability.


Sustainability Game Show

Age range:


13 year old/Year 9 - adult

best - 1 hour; flexible between 30 mins - 1/2 day

The sustainability game show is a fun and interactive way to engage with the issues around sustainability and how people can ‘do their bit’. Delivery is adapted to suit the audience - usually fast-paced game show style where the audience can simply watch, or take part for the chance to win a prize!

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