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Cut your carbon footprint

There are some general tips below, but why not calculate your own carbon footprint now? Then you can get bespoke ideas for how to reduce it.

THIS ONE by the WWF only takes 5 minutes (or you can find others online).

Here are a few options for how you can 'do your bit': 


Sustrans thinks of sustainable transport as "anything but sole-occupancy cars".


Do you really need the car? If yes, can you car share? At the least, eco-drive and drive slower on motorways.


How else could you make your journey? Public transport? Cycle? Walk?

In the home:

Take 5 minute showers rather than 10 minutes to cut approx. 300 kgs off your carbon footprint.


Think about what you buy. Will you use it all before it goes off?

Don't eat too much! We need ~50g of protein a day but many now consume much more than this.

Switch from beef or lamb to pork or chicken to cut two thirds off the carbon footprint.


Sustainably sourced fish and non-dairy vegetarian options are lower carbon footprint than meat.

All of these options are better for the planet, and they will save you money as well!

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